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Products and Services

The directors expect to work jointly on most projects as their knowledge and skills are complementary; demonstrated through successful working relationship in the NHS. Both have extensive experience of undertaking investigations in performance related issues, working with local boroughs, partnership working and teaching and facilitation. John has worked overseas and has maintained academic links throughout his career, most recently in the Institute of Health and Primary Care at London Southbank University. Rhonda has worked in the NHS, commercial and independent sector with experience ranging from care home management to management of a screening programme through to children and young people, including those with special needs.


Training TRAINING: Identification of needs, facilitation, workshops, delivery, professional development
implementation IMPLEMENTATION: Actions, programmes, projects, processes
scales GOVERNANCE: Systems, engagement, management, audit, quality, risk, sustainable, culture, improvement
glasses EVALUATION AND RESEARCH: Collaboration, analysis, methodology, surveys

reviews and strategy

REVIEWS AND STRATEGY: Priorities, functions, structures, current, policies, expansion, inequalities